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About M. Graham Clark

Missouri's SAR Teacher Award was named for M. Graham Clark who was the visionary who brought higher education and a strong work ethic to the College of the Ozarks.

Dr. Clark served as President-General of the NSSAR from 1974-75. Dr. Clark served as president of School of the Ozarks and was president emeritus and chairman of the board emeritus of College of the Ozarks until 2001. He served as vice-president of the school from 1945-1952 and then as president until 1981.

Montague Graham Clark, Jr., was born February 25, 1909, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and held five doctoral degrees. He married Elizabeth Sherman Hoyt in May 1933.

Before working in the college, he was in the insurance industry and vice-president of W.R. Hoyt and Company. Clark was a flying enthusiast who would travel the country seeking donations for school advancements, improvements and construction projects. The College of the Ozarks airport is named after him.

Clark was a man filled with distinction including honors and awards including: Shrine Civic Service Award, Family Foundation "In God We Trust" Family Award, and General Washington Honor Medal, Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge in 1974 and 1978.

Dr. M. Graham Clark passed away on March 15, 2001, at the age of 92. Clark is buried in Ozarks Memorial Park Cemetery in Branson, Missouri.,p>
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