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Some information on Jim Jackson and his end. He was a murderer who took advantage of the the Civil War to kill. One of those he murdered in cold blood was my great great grandfather, Thomas Hardy.
Thomas Hardy was killed by Jackson in the northernmost raid of the Civil War in Davis County Iowa. Also killed there were two Union soldiers.

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<==== Sign marking the spot

Tom Hardy's Grave =====>

Transcription of news article from Paris "Mercury" 23 JUN 1865 reporting the execution of Jackson in Santa Fe, Missouri: page 1 page 2 page 3

Jackson and Farley are buried behind the modern cemetery in Santa Fe. At the back of the cemetery there is a wide path with a sign saying "Private - Keep Out". A little distance down that path and in the woods to the left is found the burial place.

Photos of the "rock" under which Jackson and Farley are buried. In the closeup you can see the name "Jackson" carved in the stone.

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